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My dog looks pregnant but is spayed.

She is spayed, no worms, and we think she may be pregnant. Please, when you get the chance answer me?


  • Sorry for the late reply, I really did not notice your question !!

    Ok, There are some reasons which your dogs might look like pregnant :

    1- She is really pregnant as the operation was not 100% successful meaning the Vet who did the operation did not do the Ovariohysterectomy correctly.

    2- She is gaining weight hence you think she is pregnant

    3- I am really sorry to say but it also might be Tumor.

    But please stay positive since the chance of she having cancer is the lowest hence, I would strongly recommend visiting an experienced Vet or a Veterinary hospital.

    Please keep us updated regarding her condition

    Best of luck,
    Serious Girl
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