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Do Cats Get Cold ?

edited June 2016 in Dog Questions
My new kitten I assume, has a cold or some sort of infection. I have a vets appointment for the morning tomorrow, but I was wondering if cat colds are infectious to other cats. Its a stupid question, but i really don’t know. I noticed that my older kitten’s nose is starting to run a little bit. I have them seperated now, but are there any sort of things I can do to kind of help the older kitten out?

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    Technically no, they don't catch colds like humans do. Colds (in humans) are caused by the "rhinovirus", and are host specific. Cats do catch upper respiratory infections though (also known as "cat flu"), which have similar symptoms to colds that we get.


  • Hello there..can anybody help male munchkin cat trying to mate with my female British short hair cat..but it's seem can I help them
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